Judicial Nominating Commission

Judicial Vacancy – Allen Superior Court Criminal Division

Please review the press release below for application instructions regarding the judicial vacancy in Allen Superior Court’s Criminal Division.

Press Release

Allen County Judicial Nominating Commission

The Allen County Judicial Nominating Commission (JNC) is created by statute within IC 33-33-2-32 and assists with the process of filling judicial vacancies in the Allen Superior Court. The JNC is comprised of three (3) local non-attorneys, three (3) local attorneys and the Chief Justice of the Indiana Supreme Court.  The three (3) attorney members are elected by other attorneys within Allen County and the three (3) non-attorney members are appointed by the Governor. A more detailed description of the selection process may be found between IC 33-33-2-32 and IC 33-33-2-45.


Current members of the JNC as of October 1, 2019:

Justice Steven David (Indiana Supreme Court – Chair of Commission)

Robert C. Kruger (Attorney)

Daniel J. Palmer (Attorney)

Linda A. Polley (Attorney)

Angie Moellering (Non-Attorney)

Ben Eisbart (Non-Attorney)

Mark Terrell (Non-Attorney)


(On September 7, 2012, the Indiana Supreme Court issued an Order which designated Justice Steven David to serve as a member and chairman of the Allen Superior Court Judicial Nominating Commission)